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Apprenticeships for Clinical Engineering Departments in England

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

A number of apprenticeship standards fit very well to train and develop workforce of a clinical engineering department. In the list below, the first Standard is for Admin staff, the next 4 Standards cover Technical and Scientific domain, the next 4 Standards aim developing team leaders, middle managers and project managers as per the needs of a CE department, the next 2 Standards aim for Governance and Quality Assurance staff, and the final one aims at Senior Managers. Click on each one to learn more about the occupational profile, skills, knowledge, and behaviour.

The Healthcare Science Level 2, 4, and 6 covers all specialisms of HCS including Clinical Engineering. Therefore, modules (from Diploma documents) are to be selected for the needs of an individual department. This document lists down most recommended modules for a Clinical Engineering department for Level 2 and Level 4 HCS Apprenticeship (Clinical Engineering).

Find out all about Healthcare Science Apprenticeship at:

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