This section covers the following questions:
  • What is an apprenticeship and, in particular, Healthcare Science apprenticeship?
  • What qualifications/criteria are needed to apply and how/when to apply?
  • What makes an apprenticeship pathway a good option?

What is an Apprenticeship?

  • Work-based training programmes open to people of all age groups (minimum age 16)

  • Completed in one to four years

  • Learn job-specific skills working ‘hands-on’ alongside experienced staff

  • Earn a decent wage as an employee

  • Attend college or a training centre to gain essential theoretical knowledge, usually by day-release

  • Gain nationally recognised qualifications as part of apprenticeship

Why do an apprenticeship?


An apprenticeship will help you:

  • gain nationally recognised qualifications

  • work, learn and earn all at the same time

  • meet your personal development needs

  • progress your career and academic plans

  • learn in a flexible way that fits around your needs

  • develop a wide range of skills required in the health sector now and in the future

Who fits the bill?

We look for apprentices who…

  • are keenly interested in the welfare of others and have a caring  attitude to other people

  • are good listeners, honest, friendly and have a professional attitude to work

  • are excited about learning to improve and innovate for patient care and safety

  • are team players, accept personal responsibility and strive to deliver excellent results

  • treat everyone with respect and dignity

  • are problem solvers and are thrilled to use technical skills for healthcare


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