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About This Website

This website is developed with an intention to compile available information on Healthcare Science (HCS),  HCS apprenticeships, various training and entry routes to the profession in an 'easy-to-find' manner and to provide an up-to-date repository of relevant documents. This site points to relevant information available on various government and non-government websites, and is appropriately referenced, where possible. Moreover, a number of charts, case studies and posters are developed by myself based on publicly available data. All videos are linked through YouTube website which are available in the  public domain where information of the producing people and organisations is available within the videos or its properties tab. This website is not funded, sponsored, or endorsed by Health Education England, NHS England and Improvement, or National School of Healthcare Science, but personally owned and responsibility of the author, designer and developer (Basit Abdul). 

About Me

I am Basit Abdul, a Healthcare Scientist specialised in Clinical Engineering. I am passionate and committed in raising the profile of HCS profession. I believe in delivering a whole system change where Healthcare Science professionals are united, recognised, deliver at the top of their license, and appreciated for what they bring to Health Services.

I have a few part-time job roles, among those; one is in NHS England as a Healthcare Science Fellow and the other at Barts Health as Clinical Engineering Apprenticeship Programme Manager. I am also a Clinical Entrepreneur on NHS England’s Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. This website is my entrepreneurial activity and doesn't represent my employing organisations.  

I hold two MSc degrees in Medical Electronics and in Healthcare Leadership. My first degree is Electronics Engineering. I feel privileged to have attended the PSEL+ programme and acquired PRINCE2 project management qualification. I have the honour of winning a few awards for my engineering, innovation, project management skills, and passion to Healthcare Science. The latest one is “Highly Commended” in The Academy for Healthcare Science award 2020 for inspiring the healthcare science workforce of the future. I am a collaborator of the IFMBE’s Clinical Engineering Division, and a member of IPEM and IHM.


Here is a link to my profile on LinkedIn.



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